MIRACLE FILM production studio was founded in 1994 with the objective to provide services to foreign film companies, as well as to develop and produce television projects, commercials and feature films, both of local and foreign productions. Nowadays, our company focuses primarily on development and production of our own co-produced full-length feature films intended for cinema distribution.

Nelly D. Jenčíková is currently the sole owner and managing director of the company. Her film experience began more than 25 years ago at the Barrandov Film Studios where she worked in many different positions in the production of more than 20 full-length feature films, mostly Czech ones, but also commissioned films from English-speaking countries.

She was first appointed the associate producer in 1993 on a film by an Academy-winner, the Czech film director Jiří Menzel, called “Life and Extraordinary Adventures of Private Ivan Chonkin”, followed by a plethora of projects in the years after, both at home and abroad (e.g. producer of the feature film “Válka barev” by dir. Filip Renč, production accountant position on “From Hell” directed by the Hughes brothers with Johnny Depp as the leading actor, executive producer of a full-length opera feature “Romeo & Juliette” by a Canadian film director Barbara Willis Sweete, or executive producer of a film by dir. Viktor Polesný called “Milenci a vrazi” based on the famous novel by Vladimír Páral. )

After having returned from abroad in 2003, Nelly D. Jenčíková started focusing on her producer`s activities in the MIRACLE FILM company, where co-production projects

came to life, e.g. “Malé oslavy” by the director Zdeňek Tyc, “Proměny“ by a young talented director Tomáš Řehořek, or the mysterious piece “Eye in the Wall” by Miloš J. Kohout, as well as the short-length animated picture “Helga – Terezínský deník”, to name a few.

For many years now, Miracle Film company has been paying great attention to finding quality themes and stories for adaptation, development and production as well as successfully dealing with issues relevant to international co-production financing and marketing of films made with Czech majority participation.


Prague 1, 2014